Dr. Jonathan Buten

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Dr. Jonathan ButenAt Cedar Park Gynecology, Dr. Buten offers both a balanced and compassionate approach to gynecological care.

Having been in private practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Buten now focuses exclusively on gynecology.

His gynecologic practice has benefited from his no longer performing obstetrics. Without the distraction of laboring patients, he is able to spend more time in consultation, shorter waiting times and more prompt appointments [he also appreciates the extra sleep that this has afforded him].

At Cedar Park Gynecology the doctor/patient relationship begins with a full and open discussion regarding evaluation and treatment options. This allows patients to make informed choices regarding their personalized care.

Many conditions do not require surgery and can employ lifestyle changes, exercises, targeted physical therapy and/or medication.

Should surgery be necessary, Dr. Buten is equipped to provide the full array of the latest, cutting edge treatments. These include minimally invasive [laparoscopic] and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Buten has had an interest in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for over 20 years. He performed one of the first laparoscopic hysterectomies in Central Texas in 1992. He has subsequently performed over 1000 of these since that time.

He is also the first gynecologist in Central Texas to undergo single incision laparoscopy [scarless] (SILS) training at the Methodist Institute for Technology. This technique is now offered as an alternative for most open and laparoscopic surgeries.

Dr. Buten is a highly experienced daVinci robotic surgeon. Because of his expertise, he is a proctor (teacher) for other surgeons who are gaining mastery in utilizing the daVinci robot for gynecologic procedures

Having an active interest in the prevention of hereditary cancers through genetic testing, Dr. Buten has become a national speaker and physician educator for Myriad Genetics. Dr. Buten provides counseling, testing and treatment for hereditary breast, ovarian, endometrial and colon cancers [BRCA gene mutation and Lynch syndrome].

Dr. Buten is available to provide unbiased and objective second opinions to patients who are unsatisfied or confused about diagnosis and therapy offered to them by other physicians.Dr. Jonathan Buten | 2008 - 2009 Patient Award

For each consecutive year since 2008, Dr. Buten has been honored as a recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award for his excellent patient care.”.